Friday, February 05, 2010

Strater Hotel, Durango- An Example of Victorian Opulence

You can see it in the background, the Strater Hotel in Durango. Built in 1887, many people of the small mountain town, getting rich from mining, would close up their houses and go live in the great hotel during the winters, much like the winter we have been having this year.

The hotel is a wonderful example of Victorian opulence where every surface, wether carpeted, wallpapered or carved had intricut patterns and detail.

Made up of four floors, where the famous western author, Louis Lamour, like to work in Room 222 over the Diamond Belle Saloon, for inspiration, each floor as you go up gets less and less fancy until you reach the fourth floor....

Which was known as "Monkey Alley" where it is reported the "bachelor gentleman" resided and... the maids, hummmmmmmmm need we say more!


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  2. I love this post:) Visual inspiration AND historical tidbits all rolled up together.

  3. What a lush way to travel back in time. It must have seemed even more elegant back before paved roads and all our modern conveniences we take for granted now.