Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We have Castles

Can you see the ruins below the Ute Mountain- looks for the circular shapes on the edges of the canyon.
I really enjoy looking through the pics from bloggers over in the UK- when they take strolls through old churchyards or ruins. So here is a pictorial stroll through our ruined castles! Hovenweep is a less know site to Mesa Verde, which is on the left side of the Sleeping Ute Range-marking the Ute Reservation.

We escaped there last weekend to get away from the snow.

They are now thinking the Hovenweep ruins main purpose might of been "Astrological"- if that is a word- the ruins are very well lined up to the stars and the soltices.

My youngest daughter- pulled the camera from my hand when we got out of the car and wouldn't give it back- so she has credit for the pics- which I had  to weed through dozen of her "imprompt to"  model shots of her sister, having watched Ameirca's Next Top Model" that morning- I confess as an embaressed mother! Thank goodness for digitial cameras unlimited capacity!!


  1. Cool pictures, Julia (and daughter). I love seeing snow in the high desert, or do you call it chaparral? Fascinating structure.

  2. Thanks Richard- Chaparrel is not a term you hear much in the Four Corners- more in reference to Arizona and California- We are smack dab in the middle of the Colorado Plateau- a wild bit of land terraced and flat, with vast cuts/ or canyons made by the Colorado river and its tributaries. Where I grew up in Northern Colorado- canyons go up- betweent mountain- here they are just as likely to go down, down, down so you dont see them until you are right there!

  3. Tremendous photos! Loved walking with ya'll through areas I'd love to one day walk in person. Thank you so much Julia for sharing this adventure. I enjoyed it immensely!

  4. What an amazing sight. And how neat to get away from the snow. I love the scenery and the idea that these ruins may have served a purpose other than habitations. I would love to see those TOP MODELS, I am sure they are winners!

  5. Beautiful pictures, and I have the same issues with my daughter and photos. She is actually pretty good now, so less to delete :)