Friday, June 11, 2010

SF Trip: Napa Valley, but I don't even like Wine?

Once over the Sierra Nevadas and on through Sacramento, we did a loop through Napa Valley, even though Jon is a pretty dedicated micro beer drinker and I am a "tea tottler", when I do have a glass I actually like really cheap, really sweet wine.
Later in the trip once in San Francisco, at a cafe in Little Italy, I got berated by the waiter in Italian, who I think was informing me that sweet dessert wine was basically a sacrilege to be paired with my crab ravioli- but it was really good to my "undignified palette".

We usually travel with friends that are wine coinsures and just follow their lead in wine tasting at the vineyards, but this time we were alone. We did stopped at one vineyard and tasted a few samples, bought some yummy dessert wine I am savoring now, and a few bottles for friends, but most importantly got directions to the real treasure of Napa- a vineyard that also makes Olive Oil- now you're talking!!

Oh my....I think Jacuzzi Vineyard sells wine, but to be honest I went right to the Olive Oil room, where just like a Wine Tasting room, there was several Olive Oil tasting bars, with pump bottles and cube bread, you could wander around and taste......ohhhhhhh ohhhh! Bread and Olive Oil- what could be better?

Fruit? A extra surprise was the most glorious fruit stand on the lush winding highway back towards San Francisco- Bing Cherries- my all time favorite food, just coming into season, and apricots were feasted on as we made our way to the Golden Gate bridge and did not see our first glimpses of the Bay- which was fogged.

 Mark Twain once said "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco" I tend to agree!!

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