Monday, June 14, 2010

SF Trip: Not what I expected to see...

After we got turned around and drove back and forth over the Golden Gate Bridge again, and pay the toll again, we made our way through the fog to Pacifica Beach where our hotel was right on the very misty, noicey ocean- well I think we were on the ocean, couldn't see very far and come to find out Pacifica was the eppa center of the San Francisco earthquake in 1906! Yeah!!
Once settled we headed up HWY 1 in search of some really fresh sea food and on the advice of a local went into Ketch Joanne in Princeton -by-the-Sea where we feasted on Crab, Squid, Shrimp or Cod and Chips and were entertained by the large group of men fresh off the shrimp boats, clad in Carheart and Ball caps looking for some love,trying to pick up the few unattached women, during happy hour- next time I need to emphasize we do have children with us- when getting advice from the locals.
After filling our bellies, we headed down to the harbor...
We didn't expect to see Goats! Being trained for their FFA projects!!

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  1. Julia, sounds like a really fun trip. I think I know one of those seagulls. I love going up that part of the California coast. The fog makes it even better. That's a hoot to see goats there.