Monday, June 28, 2010

SF Trip: Muir Woods

We drove up  the curvy and dippy HWY 1 North up the coast from San Francisco, apparently it takes not being able to see the perilous drop off into the sea because of fog to get me car sick- Colorado's winding mountain roads don't usually bother me, because I can see the 1000 foot drop off to death.
We perused the little villages along the way, watched the committed surfers in their full wet suits brave the waves and on the way back down stopped at Muir Woods National Monument.


  1. I've so enjoyed catching up with your blog and have loved the pictures of your California trip. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a message, as I couldn't remember which of my growing list of links was yours! Doh!!!

  2. We went to Muir Woods a few years ago - my parents live in that area. It rained BUCKETS on us! I'm still a bit moisturized by the experience, which is good for this desert gal. Didn't it smell wonderful there?