Friday, August 06, 2010

Here's what I learned...

Just got back from my yearly pilgrimage to LA for the Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators!

From Jon Scieszka, ...

I laughed till my sides hurt and was reminded of all the somewhat "disturbing" children's books from our era like one involving a rather voyeristic chat through a bathroom window!
M.T. Anderson made me laugh too...
and he could of been a broadway singer and dancer or can really put together an impromto preformance on the State of Delaware.

Deborah Heiligman... 

in her breakout session on Nonfiction- "You can' make this stuff up" prompted me to go out and buy a kids book on Darwin ( because hers was already sold out at the conference book shop)

Loren Long...

reminded me both in his keynote and in his breakouts for illusrators that instead of getting overwhelmed with the big huge project- just remember you need to do "one sketch a day"

William Low..
gave me some Photoshop tips that will be worth their weight in gold- lots of "ahh ha" moments in his techy breakout session.

Elizabeth Partridge....
probably inspired me the most and was the nicest lady! Her book on Dorthea Lange, that took the most moving photo in the Great Depression and was Elizabeth's godmother- is the one I desperately want to find and pour over. Elizaebeth gave the most wonderful break out on photo research and the power of photography in nonfiction. 

Paul Fleischman....

gave some great tips in how to organize the great mass of information you acquire in writing a YA novel 

EB Lewis...
  gave a wonderful ketnote, coming into Children's Publishing, from the Fine Arts. He talked alot about how he shoots reference photos and later that day, just by chance we sat together in the pool lounge and had dinner- and talked about Mesa Verde, researching archives, train rides- mine to LA and his in Africa- and another friend at the table, Keisha- had us laughing listening to her adventure involving chickens, riding on the bus in Africa. This is what is so wonderful about this conference the interesting, really nice people, you meet from all over the world.

Gail Carson Levine...
also gave some wonderful tips on how to map out your idea and cover all the bases before you dive into the meat of writing your first draft- and discovered she has a great blog for writers too- where she takes questions. 

 I had an imprompt chat in the hall wih my friend Richard Jesse Waston, (we met through our blogs)

his son ,Jesse Watson

and their friend Steve Bjorkman-

all well established illustrators who could not of been more encouraging to me- someone just starting out- Thank you!!

As usual, the conference made me feel like my head was going to explode- not just the keynotes and the workshops, but the mornings and evening spent just sitting around the hotel lounge and letting "serendipity" bring people to talk to and learn from. Actually it wasn't "chance" it was a blessing from God- and I am ever greatful!  Also did the Portfolio Showcase and here is a new illustration I got ready for it- my website is on the list to "spit shine" - it is in great need , but have some new ideas of directions to go- from the conference and as Loren Long said- I need to just think of the thing I need to do today!

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  1. That's a beautiful illustration, Julia! The braid works really well with your fabrics & stitching.
    The conference sure delivered a burst energy and inspiration. It was great to meet you!