Monday, August 16, 2010

Nonfiction Monday: Anonymous Was A Women by Mirra Banks

From Lucy Larcom, A New England Girlhood. 1889
" The thought came over me with sudden dread one Sabbeth morning when I was a toddling thing, led along by my sister, behind my father and mother. As they walked arm in arm before me, I lifted my eyes from my father's  heels to  his head, and mused: "How tall he is! And how long his coat and pantaloons! And I suppose I have got to grow up and have a husband, and put all those little stitches into his coats and pantaloons. Oh, I never, never can do it!"
I love this book and love this quote- that a little girl could already grasp her fate- that there was no other option for her other than to be a wife and mother- for her sheer survival- and little Lucy, was gauging that by how many stitches she would have to put in her future husbands clothers-! 

Anonymous Was A Women, might of been created in the late 1970's, with words from a hundred years before that- and wonderful images of these girls piece work- but the hopes and emotions that come through in their diaries- still echoes today!  

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