Friday, August 20, 2010

IF: Atmosphere

"Mothergoose flying up through the atmosphere to the moon"Actually this is my entry to the Rocky Mountain SCBWI conference mid September for the brochure and merchandizing on the book bags and coffee mugs. It is the Denver skyline looking towards the Rockies. It did not win, but got another portfolio piece for the Portfolio Showcase at the National SCBWI Conference in LA a few weeks ago.
I will  be on a first book panel discussion at the Rocky Mountain Conference. My first -doing the illustration packaging for Group, working with NPR and Babybug this year. Check out the brochure here.


  1. your work is STUNNING ! I was mesmerised by your last post on 'Eat, Pray, Love". I just finished her follow up book "Committed" and can't wait for your opinion...
    maybe as a married mum with 3 kids, it was just too hard for me to empathise !?

  2. Is this stitched? How cute is this!

  3. Julia, Your work is amazing!!! So full of texture and depth! Great portfolio too! Have you seen the work of Roz Fulcher and Salley Mavor? They both do fabric collage too, but each has their own unique take on it, as do you... :)
    I always enjoy finding new artists/illustators who do dimensional illustration, it is so inspiring.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog:)
    I know I will be visiting again soon!!

  4. This is great and so fits with the IF spec! I'm not sure I'll be able to do anything for this one, I'm so swamped!!!

  5. Hi Julia,

    This piece is absolutely STUNNING! I haven't popped over in a while..and look at all I missed! WOW..congratulations on your first book panel discussion! :)) I'm so in love with this Mother Goose Piece! Her curls..the basket full of goodies..and THAT BOW.. Good Good Stuff!

    Hugs of Georgia Sunshine,

  6. Wonderful creation, Julia. Congratulations on all the accomplishments. You deserve credit, attention and awards for the incredible work you do.

  7. Wow, awesome work. I can almost feel the fabric.

  8. Very unique and wonderful!

  9. Simply beautiful. Keep up the wonderful work.