Monday, June 11, 2012

Courtroom Artist for a Day...

Last week I got to play court room artist, when my husband, a country attorney, appeared before the Colorado Supreme Court, in Denver. No cameras were allowed, so I took out my sketch pad and captured the monumental hearing, to decide the rights of natural parents v.s. the rights of foster care parents. Both a regional T.V. station and newspaper covered the story...
The decision of the Colorado Supreme Court will set a precedent for future laws, so the hearing is a big deal...
Of course, I was unbelievably proud. Though I am certainly bias, but think Jon did an amazing job. We will see what the judges thought when they issue their decision, which will be weeks.
We took Daughter #2 and a friend to Denver and they got to sit in and see how our state's court system works at the top in this country. Pretty big opportunity for two teenagers.


  1. Wow, I always admire someone who can sit and sketch like this, especially drawing people - I find it so hard and don't practise often enough.
    Love your illustration for hurry too.

  2. Looks good. I work as courtroom artist for the Dutch ANP. You can see my work at