Friday, June 29, 2012

IF: refresh

Some people find it "refresh"ing to get in water when it is hot like this. I personally am a "cat" and hate getting wet. Now put me by the ocean or an interesting lake and I am great at watching the towels and sketching the amazing scenery!
This came from the many hours spent at the city pool, when my kiddos were little and they were big enough I didn't have to get in the water with them!! I sketched this scene from across the pool and then turned it into a fabrice collage.


  1. I love this. so unique. great style!

  2. I can hear the splash! Nice one, Julia!

  3. I had tried posting to this several times. Maybe this time it will work. I loved this piece and see so much to fascinate the eye. Just wonderful!

  4. Hi Julia
    Thanks for visiting this week. I love this image and the delighted excitement of the little girl just jumping in! I wish we had some sunshine for swimming outdoors!!
    Happy weekend,

  5. This is amazing Julia as you've achieved so much movement - all with sewn fabric! I love the texture and patterns. I do enjoy swimming - although not much chance here as the only water I've been in is rain all summer so far!

  6. I am really delighted with your work, it is a very unique style. love the colors and the mix of textures :)
    really sweet blog