Saturday, November 10, 2012

IF: Tree

This is an old, old illustration, so old, I know I did it for some sort of a e-magazine for kiddos, but can't remember. Just know it had something to do with the little girl observing and drawing things in her sketch book.
Speaking of trees, here are the trees across the road from our house, after the fire and our first snow...


Somehow they even seem sadder in the stark snow. 300-400 year old junipers and pinons, now burned to charred toothpicks.
The rancher across the  road from us, brought his cows home from the mountains and they are wandering his pasture, trying to stay on the grass area and avoid the swirls of chard ground where the wind pushed the fire across the pasture.


  1. Those burned trees do look sad- but also starkly beautiful in the snow. I hope you get some new baby trees to look at in the coming years!
    I like your tree illustration. The details are lovely as usual!

  2. I love your tree Julia, especially the little dog. So sad to see the tree photos though. Hopefully nature will overcome the ravages of the fire.