Thursday, November 22, 2012

Was Having a Good Thanksgiving until...

Hubby was cleaning the kitchen and left for a minute, to have the "hovering" dog sneak in and eat the tops off half the homemade rolls I had spent all day making. Same dog, same scenerio a few years ago, except it was the pecan pie his mother- in- law had spent the day making. Beginning to think this new modern idea of the shared work load at the holiday, really is Not worth it!
How's your Thanksgiving going? Any stories?


  1. Oh no! Once I was at a friend's house and his dog ate the entire apple pie I'd made when we were out of the room. :) Enjoy the food you have left! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving albeit a little late. We had a cat that ate all the smoked salmon starters off the plates just as everyone was entering the dining room to be seated! What can you say!

  3. Pretty uneventful Thanksgiving over hear. Sorry about your rolls. Super cool illustration though! Your work is magic!