Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Moving Forward (again)...


I actually did this illustration in 2008, which still for me was such a pivotal time in our nation's history- electing our first African American President, which apparently according to last night results, we still have enough faith in to give him another four years to steer this country in the right direction, or voted for him out of sheer fear of the other alternative!
For me it was a little of both....Romney terrifies me for so many reason that thank goodness are now "mute points", starting of course with his opinions of the Arts and education, which some might argue are not important issues, for those read this.
Watching the coverage, last night, the commentators kept saying that this "could" be an election, where Obama losses amongst whites but still wins.
Think about that- and how for the last 200 years that has not been the case- put another way, up until recently, whites have decided the Presidential election of the United States, no wonder Minorities questioned if it was worth it to get involved.
But that has all changed hasn't it?
We held an election at my school, yesterday, where less then a third of the children are White, most Native American and Hispanic. In the older class, the vote count Obama 19, Romney 3.
Apparently, I, now am also a "mighty demographic", an educated white female! Didn't know that was a new thing, but guess there are enough of us now, the powers that be are paying more attention.
What was the most "telling" for me last night was the stark difference in the supporters at each candidates headquarters...
Romney's ?
White, older, conservatively dressed
Obama's ?
Every age, sex, race and fashion sense
Well, I won't lie, I feel a sense of relief this morning, but I do have concerns for the next four years, I am an Independent, for the fact I can not completely a line myself with a party that supports abortion and gay marriages, but these issues have never been at the fore front of Obama's platform, let's hope that stays the course and I hang my head low as a Coloradan where now marijuana is legal.
Now that I have thrown in my analyse of the election, let me just say, I have never thought change comes from  the Top, in policies and the people who head to Washington. I think change happens when each one of us get up in the morning and do "the right thing" on a daily bases, but teachers need to make a living when they are teaching our kids, and soldiers need to be able to get the care they need when they come home, and widows shouldn't be denied health insurance and we are responsible for how we leave this world's environment, for those things I am very glad for who will be sitting in the Oval Office for the next four years!


  1. Good Morning Sister Blue State! We were so proud when our own swingy state went Dem Tuesday night.

    Thanks for your thoughtful post. I am hopeful on many levels too, but mostly that current programs from Obama 's first term can get a real chance to work.

    Love your Sky piece and I get it's alternative title! I am working on a work with lots of autumn berries in the background. they are important berries but oh... so... tedious to render.

    Lastly, glad you are safe and sound form your recent fire fright.

  2. Love this image Julia. Really remarkable.