Thursday, September 10, 2009

From the Movies

Headed to Moab Utah this Labor Day and headed up to Arches National Park to show the kiddos where the opening scenes of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" was filmed. The Boy Scouts as they made their way along, they go past "The Three Gossips", past " The Courthouse" and stop to climb and find the "Cross of Cortez" being looted in a cave in the side of "The Windows". BTW, there is no cave in the "Windows" and if young Indie, whose real name was junior because the dogs name was Indiana, was up at Arches, that must mean that Indiana Jone's hometown would be Moab, Utah, that is pretty cool. What is not cool is "looting" is still a major problem on and near the "Colorado Plateau" second only to the valleys of Eygpt in archeology density, if that is a word.
( Durango Herald Article)People are still reeling from a multi year and agency sting operation with informants still to be revealed that ended in the arrest of twenty five people in Durango, Colorado, Monticello Utah, and Santa Fe New Mexico, the recovery of hundreds of artifacts looted from sites and sadly two suicides by two of those arrested.
Like Eygpt, This land also has its curse, or so the old Utes and Navajos say, that those who disturb the dead will go insane. I have come to think such curses have some merit, there is a diary of the doctor that came with the army when they erected Fort Lewis, between Durango Colorado and the edge of New Mexico- his wife entertained herself pot hunting, often breaking the skeleton to get at the pots below.
But then the doctor writes of losing his baby son and burying him on a hill above their homestead, to come back home and find his wife guarding the grave with a rifle, in fear of the coyotes coming and digging up her baby- he had to take his wife and the body of his son back East, she would not leave the area with out the little coffin.

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  1. Hey thanks for visiting my blog, Julia. Love this post and pics of those mind blowing natural arches. We used to live in Murphys California (in the gold rush country) on a little dirt road called Northwood Drive. Guess who lived there also? River Phoenix, when he was young. I have some stories to tell...