Friday, September 18, 2009

IF- "Infinite"

A "Infinite" amount of Sunflowers

One of the many challenges trying to create "realistic" illustrations out of fabric collage is how do you illustrate something like an "infinite" gathering of say sunflowers, or autumn leaves, or people in a crowd, with out spending an "infinite" amount of time doing it, stitching takes a whole lot more time than whisking around a paint brush in a impressionistic sort of way. I guess that is the challenge I am trying to achieve- an "impressionistic" illusions of "infinite sunflowers." How did I do?
The dryland farmers along Hwy 491 going towards Dovecreek in Southwest Colorado, are now growing infinite fields of sunflowers in the red dirt, instead of beans, where spaced every ten miles or so are tiny towns, with a post office and the remains of bean elevator with names like Yellow Jacket, Cahone and Pleasant View.
The model is my friend, Wendy- who had an "infinite" amount of patience- letting me photograph her, not on the roads out near Yellow Jacket, but in her sun room, on one of those bike stands that let you pedal.

I am thrilled in that- Creative Quarterly, a art and design journal, did pick Riding Yellow Jacket as a runner up in their magazine #17 competition- it wont be in the magazine but will be on their website in December- will let you know!

For another Tidbit on "Infinite" read below

I'm sure there are an "infinite" amount of reason why the Durango E.M.T.'s were helping this guy save his bike from a parking meter, the most likely would be " hey man, I got the race tomorrow and lost my key to my titanium bike lock, can you give me a hand." And knowing Durango, Colorado and its love of all things biking- that would be a reasonable request. No Joke was walking down Main Street and had to take a double take-

Apparently there is not an "infinite" amount of bikes you can attach to one parking meter with a standard cable bike lock- five or is it six is all- and you have to stack them just right- took this through the Starbucks window-

There is a huge single speed mountain bike race happening there this weekend- from one end of main street to the other there was not a pole, post, meter that did not have a bike attached to it- don't know how busy the EMT are going to be with bike- with people they might have their handful-hopefully not- this race is insane- check out the Wikipedia right up on it -Single Speed World Championship - the winner on the spot gets not a jersey but a tattoo- whether he wants one or not- don't want one, don't win!

This year in Durango something like 2,500 people are expected to race- that is through the grapevine- Wendy's husband, Matt is racing- Good Luck!!


  1. This is a great piece -but of course, as a fellow Coloradan I like all things bike related. I'm glad my son is too busy to do the single speed thing...! My husband and sons have done the Durango-Silverton ride on Memorial Day a number of times... but not for a tattoo. I hate driving that road when there are all those bikers on it. Especially when some of them belong to me!

  2. This is a wonderful piece! I think you hit the nail on the head! I love the texture feel to it!