Thursday, April 22, 2010

Avatar-Why I love this Movie

With no coincidence, James Cameron's Avatar was released on Earth Day 2010. Marketing is at the top of Cameron's brilliance, just read an interview that he is intending to finish six minutes of delete scenes and re-release the movie again in the movie theaters in August and then a mega packed, behind the scene second DVD launch in November for the holidays.
And you know what-I am unashamed, I will be first in line to experience all of that- not so much the avatar action figures or video games, am a little old for that and not a single geeky boy that lives in my mother's basement ( I know there is more to that demographic- different blog)- but here are the reason why I am so impressed with this movie.
1. It's a sheer artistic feast for the eyes. Avatar is a testament to what artist, of all kinds- writers, visual artist, computer artists and actors can do when they are unencumbered by management. Only someone like James Cameron, almost a sure deal ,could be trusted by the money people in Hollywood to make a movie like this. The Lord of the Rings was another movie, where the artisans were allowed to go farther then would ever be seen on the screen, but the rich creation of that world did show in the final version. When artist get an opportunity to do it, it is magical, I hope someday to be part of a collaboration like Avatar or the Ring Trilogy, mabe hired on to stitch rich tapestries. When creative people hands are tied you get.....Disney's Narina, a disappointment- it could of been wonderful too.
2. Its Composition- I mean that literally. The camera angles are better than most live action movies, when Sully is being chased by the black oil slick leopard and the animal grabs his backpack and the camera angles swings around in slow motion, wow- again- discovered because there was time to think of such things and discover a cool camera angle- Cameron actually took the cast into the rain forests in Hawaii so they could remember the feeling of wet, smells of musty air and sounds when they were back running around in black suits with computer lenses zoomed in on them. But my favorite compostion of all that is so powerful is right before the last battle, Sully stands, totally transformed perfectly in a tribal leader and camera pans around to show all the tribes coming to defend their homes- wow.

3.It's skin. Literally. Monster INC. was a technology breaking film because of Sulley ( hum, I wonder if there is any connection) the monsters hair moved, independently, in an organic way- making it look real. I think the most amazing break through as far as technology for Avatar is  literally their skin- skin is translucent, it is golden ( or blue) and toned because of the blood vessels and muscle tissue below it and it looks freak real in the movie, look at the veins in his hand, which in every frame, every frame was created-wow!!
4. The message of Creation. JRR Tolkien did not write "metaphors" meaning there was only one meaning for what a tree represented- he wanted the viewer to find his or her own understanding. I don't know Cameron's reasons- not do I think he is much concerned other do- but what I see is story about respecting Creation, and frankly as God's stewards of this earth, we suck at it. God created this amazing planet, unique and beautiful five times over, with each continent offering amazing diverse people and landscapes. He created sunsets and sunrises, tides and snow, mountain peaks and a whole lot of other things that scream one thing, " I am God" Yes he created it as a home for us, but didn't our mother's teach us how to take care of special things, and why should be allowed to destroy the gifts we are given. The Navi worship and are accountable to a single Creator- and recognize the connection they have to the earth. The main plea in the Bible is not " to exchange the Creator for the Created" and frankly we suck at that too.

5. Main reason why I adored this movie- it is simply ,with all its advanced technology and hype, a "Boy meets Girl" story, my favorite and testament that when two people dare to love, they can change their world and make a better one....Happy Earth Day!

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