Thursday, April 08, 2010

Tucson Trip- Hiking Seven Falls

Of course we also hiked in Sabino Canyon, up to Seven Falls, about a 3 mile hike up.
I lost count of the times we had to cross the same stream- I haaaaaate getting wet, so every laughed at me.

Did a little lizard hunting, luckily they were usually too smart and too fast.

Put on a whole bunch of sunscreen...
Almost at the top, I sent the rest on ...
and happily sat down to sketch...

Since up at Seven Fall, those little colored dots are people, they were doing this....did I mention I hate water.

Of course on the way down we had to cross the stream all over again- yuck!


  1. What a gorgeous area! This is probably the perfect time of year to see it as well. Are the cactuses flowering now?

  2. I use to live in Tucson - oh how I miss the desert at this time of year. Love the photos and your sketch.

  3. My husband and I are brainstorming about where we want to go for a vacation--Just yesterday I was thinking the American Southwest. Now I REALLY want to go:)

  4. It is hard to pick- all for states have something great- New Mexcio the land of Georgia O Keefe- with Ghost ranch and Santa Fe, Taos-
    Arizona- withe Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon- Utah with Moab and Arches, Canyonlands National Park- and of course the western slope of Colorado- I would love to give suggestions to anyone who is interested- know all the good eats places too!