Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Overload on Inspiration

A couple days ago I discovered TED- a great website of eighteen minute videos of "Big Idea"- see previous post for the lowdown- well I spent a day listening to the likes of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Love Pray, on the fact artists are connected to something greater then ourselves. I listened to a multi millionaire wine entrepreneur, who started a web based wine show on the importance of branding yourself and touching the world through new technologies and having passion for what you do and then to top it off I listened to JK Rowling's commencement speech at Harvard where she talked about being a voice to those who had no voice and how that passion was installed in her before her fame when she was responsible to read the mail at her job at Amnesty International. Blogging about the above-lead to some intellectual virtual discussions, which is great, but I started to feel some anxiety- kind of under the heading of "There is so much to do in this world!" and being anxious about not being able to do it, which is so...........stupid.
Everyone knows the story of Elijah showdown in the Bible- how even though his alter was covered in water, after the Baal Priest failed to call fire down on their alter- Praying to God fire was brought down from heaven and not only lit up Elijah's alter but also burned up Baal's alter and his priests for that matter.
What is less know is Elijah basically freaked out after that- hid in the wilderness out of fear- but God had mercy on him and the birds brought food- and God listened to Elijah go on about well..." the fact he was an unique brand, had touched the world, been a voice for those who had no voice, etc. etc. etc." and you know what God said- "I had six others I could of sent and well, I just happened to pick you."
Humbling...which leads me to Otter Pops.
What got me out of my anxiety- I picked up my girls from school, came home and headed out again to go to Karate class. My sixteen year old second degree brown belt got in the car sucking on an Otter Pop- and I saw her for a split moment as if she was four again, giggling and being goofy.
I don't have to be " a unique brand, touch the world, be a voice for those who have no voice", I need to be a mother to those two girls munching on Otter Pops in the car, I need to be a wife to my husband, a friend and a child of God and well....simple grow where He has planted me.

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