Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tucson Trip- Biking at Fantasy Island

We of course did some biking too, well, everyone else did some biking- I sketched....biking or having a few hours uninterrupted to sketch- I'll take sketching. So....

documented the send off...

And then went to sketch- which was just down the road on a wide turn off- where across the highway was a falling down barn-but turned out to be an active residence!

Happily sketch, unitl I realized I was loosing the light and then wonder why no one had called me to go get them! So headed back to the trail head and paced around wondering why my hubby wasn't bringing back my babies from the "wilds" before it got dark!

Everyone did get in safe-and so we headed to a local brew pub-the best thing after a good ride or sketch, no matter where you happen to be!


  1. I love that kind of biking! Sounds as though you had a memorable outing. Nice pics of the setting sun. I haven't seen a saguaro in a long time. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Looks like a fun spring break! What could be better, being with family BUT also given time to sketch- my paradise.