Saturday, September 25, 2010

IF: "Old Fashion"

Hans Christian Anderson wrote The Red Shoes over 150  years ago (1845)- but amazing we still all know the stoy- like we know...
Town Mouse  Country Mouse written by Aesop 6th Century BC and illustrated by Milo Winter, 1919

Old Mother Goose, whos "rep" started to grow in the 1660's and became an American icon with Blanche Fisher Wright's illustration in 1916
or my husband and daughter favorite- Kippling's "Just So stories", including
 "How the Rino got His Skin" published in 1902

illustrated by Rudyard Kipling himself in woodcut.

All might be Old Fashioned- but they still sit on the shelves of every bookstore we go into- and are still read, cuddled up before bed- the true test of any book.


  1. "The Red Shoes" was one of the very first books I ever read. Thanks for such a lovely memory. Love what you did with your's beautiful! :)) Hugs, Terri

  2. Your fiber piece is really lovely. I'm so glad to have found your blog. Fun to read about the classic children's literature, too.

  3. Your illustration is beautiful...
    I have been looking around your blog & I'm so impressed at your ability to illustrate with fabric!

  4. Nice Red Shoes illustration!!! Um, I have to admit that I don't know the story. I'll track it down. I do have 2 copies of that same Mother Goose though! My original one from when I was little that is falling apart and a newer copy that's easer to handle.