Wednesday, September 08, 2010

That's it- from Telluride

The Festival is over, good thing because it has been raining here now stop since I drove back down the canyon to home.
It was a whirlwind- to be milling around with movie stars and directors....but really- apart from their $300 dollar cotton shirts, levis, and expensive watches, sunglasses and cowboy boots- they are just like us!

It was fun to see Geoffrey Rush ( a.k.a Captian Barbosa) hurrying down the main street, by himself, getting from one venue to the next. 
So that is it for the Telluride Film Festival- go to On Popcorn and Movies for full coverage or for some recommandations for movies to see this fall and winter. I have a great need to not think or write for a while and just stitch something!


  1. Your part of the world is beautiful- thanks for the photos. I look at your blog more than I comment, but I enjoy your posts a lot. You are a true renaissance woman!

  2. I love that SHOW in flowers on the green grass!
    Have a great time at the Denver conference- it's coming up soon isn't it?

  3. that's really awesome! i hope i can attend a film festival someday. the scenery is truly beautiful :)