Sunday, September 05, 2010

Still up in Telluride...

and was running around so much I posted a lot yesterday but forgot to post over on this blog to direct you there. So far my favorites are a seven part series on the history of Hollywood to be aired in November called "Moguls and Movie Stars" on the TCM channel and the world first view, the film still wet of Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush in "The King's Speech. Click on over to "On Popcorn and Movies" for the full run down or start following it for play by play the rest of the weekend and here is something to tempt you.... do you know who this is?

I will be posting about him tomorrow- hint- he use to be Spidey's best friend and then arch enemy and now he is getting intimate with a big boulder in his new movie!

More to come from Telluride- off to another movie! Happy Labor Day Weekend!!


  1. I know who he is! Is he adorable in person too?

  2. Franco is a poet and a painter and at Yale right now- a little dignified- Aron Ralston who he protrays in 127 Hours- is absolutely adorable- !