Friday, June 16, 2006 the jungle

Well- we already have another theme for Illustration Friday, but hey, here it is, for last week- "In The Jungle"! Got done with it this afternoon. I did write twenty two pages on my novel, do a mountain of research on the Manhattan Project- me! Reading about uraninium and plutonium- yikes- but got a bunch of stuff and realized I was inaccurate on a few points will have to go back and change- not too bad for a week's worth of work!


  1. Julia, I am so glad you posted this one. It is fabulous!
    My favorite so far. The detail, the colors, compostion and characters are so well done. The work you have put into this shows. Just GREAT!

  2. Julia,
    I love this!I agree with's my favorite so far the composition, the stitches,..the color combination..and the kids down there in the leaves. It's wonderful.

  3. Hi Julia!
    This one is great, but I love them ALL. Very impressed that you got so much done on your book this week! If you think of it, pray for my writing, I'm struggling a bit this week.
    Bless you,