Tuesday, June 06, 2006

...logo done!

Got a logo I am happy with- seems like since high school, teachers having been saying artist should have logos and I never had one I liked for long- think this one really sums up the whole idea of Moonflower Studio! Moved images around on website and it really came together! Getting there- maybe will be able to do some real writing and illustrating by the end of this week. Still am giddy about doing "illustration Friday" and actually being able to get my illo on the web- though did get a note about it not being a "static" page- not sure what that is but will figure it out! Got some nice people to talk me through such things- God is really pushing me- saying "now is the time to do this career thing"- scared and excited!! On a tangent- we adopted a "reservation puppy"- Molly, little black with little floppy ears and a salt and pepper nose- for the girls- think from near Chenle, Arizona- never can spell it right- sweetest thing- though not too interested in me- which is okay- since Max is my dog- but this morning discovered she had worms! Will be seeing the vet later today!!

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