Monday, June 12, 2006

...went up to Telluride

We took the dogs up to Telluride Colorado and hiked up to Bridal Veil Falls. Telluride is actually some kind of mineral found in the steep mountain slopes of this box canyon, but if you have ever driven down around the steep corner near the turn off to Ophir Pass a little bit fast and looked down the thousand foot drop off down to Illum, you can understand why the miners called it To- Hell- You- Ride.
My husband's family often kicks themselves because they didn't buy up a few of the fallen down shacks lining the mining towns streets when they first moved to the western slope of Colorado in the mid 70's, before the town was discovered.
Today, Telluride is a mecca for the rich, the famous and the dog lover. Infact last Labor Day, the weekend of the big Telluride Film Festival- we almost got Max's ( our Newfie/ Lab cross) photo taken with Mickey Rooney- the star of such movies as National Velvet. But the actor has to be in his eighties and I think the photo op people thought that our Max could of bowled him over- besides a cute little black lab puppy came along and was a much safer alternative.
Well yesterday the street were pretty quiet, the Western Festival keeping the tourist pretty much to the city park and we strolled with Max and Molly, being the puppy she definitely got the most attention.
We had dinner at Tellurice- the best Asian food I have had- and the dogs were treated like royalty- sitting on the side walk near the steps of the outdoor patio. Getting love from the tattooed glad hostess and water out of a china bowl.
Then we rode the Gondola, between the mining town and Mountain Village, at the base of the ski slopes, the ride if a highlight and free- several gondolas being designated for dogs.
To check out another great dog town- go to Jackson Hole Wyoming where they do the running of the labs on the Fourth of July- or at least they did when we were there several years ago.

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